Supporting Development Through Play

Psychological principles to support your child’s growth.

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    What kinds of approaches do we take

    Our therapeutic approaches

    We're passionate about supporting children reach their full potential through individual play therapy sessions.

    Family Therapy

    Child Play Therapy Geelong offers a school and outreach program that provides play therapy within the education setting for those clients who are unable to attend outside of school hours.

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    Learn to play

    Supports children who have not yet learnt how to play. It allows a safe space to explore different areas of play to develop the skills of play by themself and with others.

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    Humanistic Play Therapy

    Child-lead approach where the child uses play to communicate their feelings and emotions and also express the trouble they may be experiencing.

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    Who can benefit from Play Therapy?

    Customised support for children of all abilities

    Children develop at different paces, some have experiences that may inform how they respond.

    • Anxiety/depression
    • Social difficulties or Separation anxiety
    • Aggressive behaviour or Bullying
    • Low self confidence or low self esteem
    • ASD ADHD
    • Selective Mutism
    • Intellectual disability
    • Divorce, grief and loss, parental separation

      Please note you do not need a formal diagnosis or referral from a doctor to access play therapy.

    Learn the principles to unlock your child’s potential

    Children and parents can learn together during partitioner-lead sessions and apply principles and practices learned at home, at school/care and in every day life.

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    “Thank you Emily, it has made a world of difference to my daughter. We can really see the changes in her behaviour already”

    Greg, Geelong

    By working with Emily I was able to learn techniques to help support my two boys. I learnt to track his play and help him identify his emotions that we later applied at home. I highly recommend working with Emily.

    Jessica, Bannockburn

    "We have seen our son's behaviour change and he has been able to find ways to regulate his emotions at home. He is more confident at kinder to be part of the group and interact with peers."

    Jane, Geelong

    "Through the child-lead play sessions our girls were able to express their emotions and regulate themselves. We also noticed a change in their communication with us."

    Matt and April, Ocean Grove

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