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Emily Carlyle

Emily is a qualified Play Therapist who has her Master of Play Therapy from Deakin University. Emily is very passionate about children achieving their highest goals and aspirations with the support of their family and the early years professionals around them.

Emily is an experienced teacher who completed her Master of Teaching (Early Years) and has worked with highly vulnerable, and trauma affected children, families, and community groups. Emily has also led a family program that  supported parents in teaching their children literacy, numeracy and wellbeing techniques which included cooking, bathing, nappy changing and parents engaging with children from birth to three years. Being able to provide this program saw a more positive transition to a preschool setting.

Emily’s role is to support children and create authentic and personalised therapeutic experiences. Specifically, she will create a therapeutic connection with your child and inspire them to keep expecting the best of themselves through play therapy.

Working with Emily

When working with your child, she’ll work to transform goals and aspirations into targeted, action-based, and impactful strategies. With experience as a lead Family Educator, Emily thrives on building strong connections with families and looks to support the family unit as much as possible to see your child thrive and grow.

Emily's experience as a teacher and family educator encourages her connection with schools and early childhood services to form a holistic view of your child to ensure goals are collaborative and achievable.Emily as a Play Therapist brings a patient approach to her sessions and guides your child to author their growth and development in play skills and abilities. The support and enhancement of these skills can improve various aspects of a child’s being including: social skills, communication development, problem solving and pretend play ability.

  • Qualifications

  • Masters of Play Therapy, Deakin University

  • Masters of Teaching (Early Years), The University of Melbourne‍

  • Bachelor of Psychology, University of Ballarat‍

  • Bachelor of Management, Deakin University

Meet the team

Our therapists are tertiary educated practitioners who are passionate about supporting children and their family throughout Greater Geelong and the Surf Coast.

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